Each organization works on a specific part or era of business. Having different motto, each must be given a specific platform to showcase their skills. A custom website design serves this purpose.

What is meant by a custom website design?

Custom Website Design

By a “custom website design”, we mean a website that is specifically designed for an individual business needs and focuses. Website design is of great importance when it comes to designing it for an individual organization.

What are the main advantages of custom web design?

  • Professional design
  • Establish your branding
  • Integrated call to action
  • Competitive analysis
  • Custom design blueprint

Knowing the individuality of each business do you think the same kind of web design is useful?

No it’s really not the case.

Custom web design serves the needs of an individual integral business unit for all its working processes to carry on smoothly and effectively. A custom web design is no just a website which most of us think. It actually is a complete design of visual needs of a business as well as its users.

The main advantages linked with a custom web design are as follows:

  • Serves the visual appeals of target users effectively
  • Allows effective branding
  • Provides clean code
  • Custom web design is built with improved optimization
  • It provides flexibility
  • The website becomes a true reflection of your business
  • Once built, updates are not required every now and then

What is a responsive website design?

Responsive Website Design

Most of us think of a “responsive website design” as a web design that makes a website load faster or responds faster as its name tells.

It really has nothing to do with the response timing of a website.

Rather a responsive website design means, a website designed in a way so it is viewed in accordance with the screen size of the device it is being viewed on.

It is a known fact that different devices have different resolution and size. Then how a same website can be shown the same in all devices including mobiles, tablets and desktop computers?

Importance of responsive design

A responsive website design is the answer. It uses the fluid grid concept which allows the same website to be loaded in different devices according to the screen size of each device.

You can also use Responsinator or iPad Peek to check for your website responsiveness on different sizes & devices.

Why need a responsive design?

Responsive Web Design

Now the question is that why we need a responsive website design?

This need aroused when devices like phones and tablets came into existence in different sizes and resolution. If we would open the same desktop website in different devices it would not be shown the same. In small screen devices it would cut out some of the website design. And in larger screens it would show empty area around which makes a website look non-impressive.

A responsive website design serves this purpose and thus has become popular worldwide.

Take a Google Webmaster or Bing Webmaster mobile friendliness test of your website that either it is Mobile Friendly/ Responsive or not?

From where, the custom website design came?

The need for a custom website design came from different needs of different businesses. Due to different target users of each business, it has to be presented accordingly to the users in the best possible way.

From the past five years, the custom website design has become popular and people have now come to know its importance.

What is the expected cost of the custom website design?

Custom Website Cost

The cost of a website is dependent on the amount of pages that need to make and the technology. It is really impractical to expect the cost of a website design that we don’t know about.

The first step for getting the expected cost of building a website is to get the business requirements for which the website is to be made. And after knowing details of business, a suitable technology is selected to work on. Afterwards an estimation of price is made.

Through what process web design customization works?

custom website design process

First of all, in custom web design, all business details are known. The details include how your organization works and every keen detail about a specific business. Afterwards sitemaps or rough designs are made with possible editions.

Mockups are created based on the rough drafts on which further coding is done. Normal typos are done based on text styles and fonts required, after completing the coding part of the project.

If there is a requirement of CMS design it is made. But if the website is just to be made for advertising of the product or getting to reach the audience then static responsive design is preferred.

After all comes the deployment process which makes the website live to public for use.

Does responsive web design has anything to deal with loading my website in all browsers?

No, the responsive web design has nothing to do with loading a website into all browsers.

It is website optimization which makes the website faster at loading maintaining the integrity of the website.

Now you may click with what optimization really is?

Optimization is nothing more than maintaining website code. Code is maintained in such a way so that it reduces HTTP requests to minimum. It also removes any excessive JavaScript or jQuery code.

How is website optimized?

Website Speed Optimization

Optimization of responsive web design includes keeping the images all at one place. It is done for the purpose of ease of access and maintenance. This also increases the speed of website which keeps user on your website.

A recent research has shown that if a website takes more than three seconds to load, then the visitor gets to another, which is an important thing to think about when designing website.

You can check your website on GTMetrix.Com & Google Speed Test to analyze your website performance & loading time on web browsers.

Is your website faster enough for users to check? No…

Please watch this short video to know more facts & figures about website loading time optimization & maintenance.

website loading time optimization

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How long does it takes for completing custom website design?

A 5-6 pages custom website design takes almost 2 weeks to complete after your order has been placed. This process is carried out only after complete details of your business are provided.

In case if we are not initially sure about how much pages your custom web design would need. We let you know within a week after your order is placed. As we have to take the approximate idea after designing and confirming mockups.

What features are incorporated in a custom website design?

Truly speaking, the salient features of a custom website design has no boundaries. It is entirely dependent on your business needs. If your business needs payments integration, then it also becomes a part of your custom website design.

It includes each and every detailed requirements of your business so that you own the website as you own your business. We deliver the custom website design that is the complete picture of your business in one frame. Our expert team make themselves sure about it.

  • Modern Technology
  • Responsive
  • Detailed-Oriented Process
  • Seo-friendly
  • Custom Graphics

Would it be possible for me to update my custom web design on my own?

Yes, if your business needs are that of creating a CMS custom web design then you can surely and easily update your website any time.

Now you may be worried how non-programmers could do that?

You are at the right place of your worry but you really don’t need to worry about it. We make it sure that you don’t have to face any trouble with that. We provide a user friendly interface for CMS web design so that you can interact with the website easily.

What would be possibilities if I do not like custom website design?

website design possibilities

As per Our Policy and Trems & Conditions, my team shows you initial design within 4 days of starting work. You can claim at the moment if you don’t like the design so we may update it for you.

Only after clients’ approval, we move towards the completion of the website. As client satisfaction is our foremost priority and we make it sure that you like your custom website design.

How much revisions are offered in the responsive web design quote?

website design revisions

We do not limit the number of revisions to quote. We have a firm believe that iterations of revisions make it perfect at last. And we do not compromise on the client satisfaction at any cost.

We have a detailed plan to follow to lessen the time wastage and unnecessary iterations. So, we focus on proper management of the task by showing the initial design to client for approval. We believe that changes can be better made in start then those in the end.

Which tools are used in making a custom website design?

technology used in website design

We use a variety of tools in custom website design to make it to our best much as we can. Most of the time the tool used depends on the technology being used to create website.

Most of the time we use HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery and bootstrap for custom website design. But still the technology is decided at the end of gathering requirements.

Would it be possible for my custom website design to be listed in top search engines?

Search Engine Optimization

Definitely yes.

Our team builds websites in search engine optimized format so that it is listed in top search engines.

Along with the search engine optimized web design assured by our experts. Our expert team takes the responsibility to use search engine optimized content on your website to enhance perfection.

Check your website on Woo Rank or SEO Site Checkup to see that either your website is optimized for SEO or not, and try to solve these issues as much as you can, you can also hire us to fix On-Page SEO issues for you.

Which reasons do you feel are enough for me to hire you for custom web design?

The answer to this lies in assurity we provide you. We assure you to deliver best content ever. The biggest reason we find for you to prefer us is our confidence in what we create and deliver.

We do not think of others low but we know our first place priority to client satisfaction makes us at the top of what we are doing.

Hire a company for Website Design

Except that we have an expert team of:

  • Graphic & Logo Designers
  • Website Designer & Developer
  • WordPress Developer
  • Web & Desktop Application Developer
  • Mobile Application Developer
  • Last but not least, we will provide you a free maintenance for each of our services we provided to you.

Process for approval of web design

process for approval for web design

Our team makes it sure that they show complete custom web design mockups to the client. So that they start with the development phase after clients’ approval. After approval, we do make sure than the initial design has been shown to the client.

Approval is required at the final stages of the project as well. It may be possible that the client may not visualize the design by just seeing through mockups.

We make the color combinations and complete design approved before we start to work further. We do not compromise quality and integrity. Quality and integrity of a custom web design are the most important feature of the deals we make. And we think this is enough for you to give us priority over others.

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Why Choose Digital Pixels

We are not expensive just like other companies, our Custom website design start from $650, also before paying advance payment (which is 50% of the website design cost) get a free home page demo design.

After you are completely satisfied then continue the work & pay us, and after finalizing the website work we have a free 1 Year maintenance for you.

Below are the features we will provide you with Custom Website Design:

  • 8 Pages Website
  • PSD Design (Blue Prints) For Each Page
  • Responsive Website
  • CSS Based/ Animated Sliders
  • CMS Based Website
  • SEO Optimized
  • Best Security
  • Free Video Training On How To Manage Your Website
  • 1 Year Free Maintenance
  • Price: Starting from $650

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