Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) From Digital Pixels

How quick are we at building a website?

Digital pixels has a team of expert web developers which start working on website development as soon as we get an order. We completely build custom business cards within 2 days and complete one page website with all content written in a week. In case of multi-page CMS website, we may take up to 3 weeks with complete content writing and making the website live.

For placing your order, please contact us at:

Which web browsers so digital pixels uses for testing the websites on?

Our QA & and testing team makes its best effort to get through each and every test plan to ensure quality. We aim to deliver quality product so our team tests a website on the following browsers:

– Chrome 25.0.x (+)
– Firefox 19.0 (+)
– Internet Explorer 8, 9 (+)
– iPhone safari
– iPad safari
– iPad chrome
– Safari 5.1.7 (+)
– Safari for Mac

The tools we use for testing are as follows:

– GtMetrix
– Google speed test

Why we just use WordPress as a CMS?

It is not just WordPress, Digital Pixels offer all kinds of CMS solutions but WordPress is mostly used by us because it suits almost every kind of business needs. But if there is need of any other CMS solution, then we do offer it. Please contact us for your further query about which CMS is best suitable for your business. Contact us at:

What technologies do you use for web development?

Digital pixels uses latest web development strategies and technologies which include the following:

– HTML 5
– CSS 3
– Twitter Bootstrap
– AJAX / JavaScript / jQuery
– C# / ASP.NET / SQL

How much we charge for a good website design?

First question we get from our client is about the price we would charge for a good website design. It is very difficult to answer as different clients have different needs and the website cost depends on the project and the features that need to be built in the website. Check our package start from $300, and it contains the following services:

– 8 pages of website design at maximum
– 3 banners or sliders integrated in website
– Responsive website design
– SEO friendly website
– Load time optimization
– Free maintenance for first 6 months

What is E-commerce and shopping cart service about?

E-commerce is known as selling your products online. The products may include anything from hoe accessories to software or courses. You may be able to showcase your products online for other people to buy and you can add a payment method there for maintaining payments. This is done by buying a hosting for online space to keep your data there.

Do we offer website renovation and redesign?

When we come along with such a website that does not satisfy your needs and requirement then renovation and redesign has definitely nothing bad and it is never too late to make adjustments for an effective solution. We offer website redesign and we start the design and development process right after your approval for the mockups created by gathering your requirements.

What do I need to provide you for creating my website?

The only thing you need to provide us for creating your website, besides your requirements is the content you want us to put on to your website. We organize it on our own.

What happens after I ask for a quote for my website design?

After you ask for quote for designing your website, we communicate with you either through phone, skype or email for getting your requirements. We create documentations and demo designs afterwards, which once accepted, we start working on your website design after you make us the initial payment.

Can I see my website when its design is under process?

Yes, you can see your website after first page of it I completed and it is uploaded to server for your review.

How I receive the files of my project after it has been completed?

You can get the files through any electronic media in the desired file format or it can be uploaded to your server/domain too.

Who is the owner of source code after project completion?

We provide complete secrecy and you own the source code after we have delivered you the complete project.

What is maintenance cost you charge?

Once we have created your website we do not charge anything more for maintenance if you have nothing new changes made to your website. But if you decide to handle your website maintenance through another company then it is totally up to you and we respect your decision.

What is web hosting?

Web hosting is the unique web address where your website is located and can be accessed through that unique web address 24/7.

If I am currently hosted with another company, can I use my existing hosting?

Most of the time, an existing hosting can be used but it depends upon the features they are providing.

Do you offer consulting?

Yes, we offer consulting. Our initial consulting is for getting your requirements and afterwards if you feel like consulting something then we welcome all queries.

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