What is Website Maintenance?

Website maintenance is the most important thing after creation of a website. Successfully creating a website and making it live does not makes the job end, as your business grows, your website needs daily or weekly updates to keep your website fresh and your visitors engaged.

website maintenance services

The websites when not maintained become slow to respond and hence more than half of the traffic skip quickly and not ever comes to the site again which is a bad user experience. Digital Pixels is well-known Website Design & Website Maintenance Company, our team will assure you quick and active response and make you sure about having your work assigned to the right hands.

Please test your website speed and score on GT Metrix & Google Speed Test to make sure that either your website is fast enough to promote your business.

Importance of Website Maintenance

Website maintenance has a vital role to effectively communicate with your brand and provide the best possible user experience. In today’s digital marketing world, website is probably the primary tool people use to learn about any business.

And, your website shapes your website visitors opinion about your company. For instance, you launched a new product, but did not add it to your product list in your website then for sure you miss the entire world to buy that product from you.

Also, a slow or outdated & non responsive (not mobile friendly) website will tell your website visitors that your business is blow the standards in your industry and they will surely contact your competitors. On the other hand, a fast and modern site will convince people that your business or brand is fully equipped to fulfill their needs.

These days 70% of internet users uses different devices like mobile & tablets. Take a mobile friendliness test on Google Webmaster & Bing Webmaster to make sure that your website has no issues of mobile friendliness.

How to Improve User Engagement

A website redesign (or a complete new custom website design) might help you to engage more visitors in short period of time; you can only keep your website successful over the long term through search engine optimization (SEO) and regular website maintenance.

Updating your content, images, products, services and tracking your analytics and website behavior will ensure that your website is always up to date and running smoothly so you can keep attracting visitors.

Website Maintenance Checklist

  • Weekly Backup of your website
  • Keep your files & content up to date
  • Clean & maintain your database
  • Perform Browser & Device Compatibility check
  • Test Your Forms
  • Find and Fix 404 internal & external Errors
  • Optimize page speed
  • Optimize images, CSS & jQuery files
  • On Page SEO issues testing
  • Review Security measures against hackers

How We Work

Step 1

Send Us Your Website Issues Or Changes:

You can send your work requirement via Phone, Email and skype or through our Website contact form. Capture the screen shot of error, URL of the page, or any files or images that need to be fixed or added to your website.

Step 2

We Complete Your Updates:

We’ll analyze your update and fix these issues. Before marking it fixed we will review the changes to make sure everything is working perfectly!

Step 3

We Will Inform You:

Once your website,software or mobile app issues is fixed we will notify you via email, phone or skype so that you can review the changes.

Affordable Website Maintenance Packages



Basic Package



Business Package



Premium Package

    Digital Pixels

    • Free Demo Design

      get a free home page design for your new project

    • Free Maintenance

      get free 1 year maintenance after project completion

    • Responsive Website

      responsive website over 100s of devices

    • Load Time Optimization

      website loading time less than 3 seconds

    • Free 1 GB Hosting

      free 1 GB Hosting for a new website project

    • Free Technical Support

      technical support over phone, skype & email